Security for your GoodsSecurity for your Goods

Your goods are protected every step of the way while in our care with sophisticated, technology-based security systems at our sites and in our vehicles. AirRoad is proud of our record and our actual freight loss is less than one in ten thousand items carried.

Our security protocols include:

  • Detailed freight scanning, undertaken at all stages in the supply chain.
  • Our AirRoad operated, lock-down depot sites are controlled and maintained electronically.
  • On site guards from an independent, third party agency, monitor our premises.
  • Real time CCTV depot surveillance operates at all sites using over 500 cameras in total.
  • Back to base alarms operate in all locations.
  • Freight is never relinquished until a delivery signature has been obtained.
  • Satellite tracking is installed on all vehicles.
  • Consignments are always delivered in full, never split, reducing risk.

The digital CCTV system is linked with the AirRoad Track and Trace System. This allows an unparalleled ability to view goods (at the item level) arriving at all AirRoad depots, within the depot, into linehaul, out of linehaul at the interstate depot and on to the delivery vehicle. All of the vehicles in our fleet - whether linehaul or metropolitan delivery vehicles - are fitted with satellite tracking so that we can pinpoint their location at any time. All freight incidents are reported and investigated by specialised security operatives who are trained in freight tracking and supply chain operations. Our strict protocols require that goods are never released without an electronic proof of delivery signature, which can then be viewed and verified online.

We continually review and enhance our security systems to ensure that all possible measures are in place to Deliver Certainty to our clients.