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16/11/2016New smartphones deliver operational efficiency for AirRoad

November 2016: AirRoad has successfully completed the trial and adoption of new smartphones to improve its operations nationally. Powered by the latest Android system, these devices send job alerts, plan driver runs, scan freight, upload digital signatures and capture pictures of freight, as required.

One of the major benefits of the new system is live data which enables AirRoad to track the status of any pending jobs in real-time. Once a consignment has been successfully delivered, Proof of Delivery signatures are returned via a 3G/4G connection and available for instantaneous viewing online.

Malcolm Thorpe, Managing Director, believes that the new smartphone investment will help improve operational efficiency further. "The new smartphones allow us to be more responsive and have greater control over our deliveries whilst improving supply chain visibility for our clients. They help us communicate safely and effectively with our drivers and we’ve had a very positive response from all parties concerned”, he said.

GPS systems in these devices help drivers with their trips whilst also providing real-time location details back to base. Turn-by-turn navigation also helps drivers plan runs and avoid traffic.

The smartphones are currently being used by all company drivers on their local runs.

Images of the new smartphones below: