Our Service PromiseOur Service Promise

The on time and complete delivery of your goods is our fundamental commitment. The value we offer lies in our quality service which ensures your consignees receive their goods in full and on time. 


Delivery in Full and On Time

AirRoad's fundamental commitment is to deliver in full and on time and our mission is to be the best provider of express transport solutions in the industry. This is the reason why our clients choose us and why we are different to other service providers. Our service entails:

> Delivery in full- we deliver your goods together as we believe that a split delivery erodes the benefit of timeliness

> Delivery on time- your goods will arrive on time by the day we promise

* We will make every effort to deliver in full and on time to our clients. On average, we deliver 97% of all consignments in full and on time for our Express clients. Our country network is strong and reliable with close to 40% of our deliveries going to regional areas.

(Visit Our DIFOT page to learn more.)


Superior Product Handling

AirRoad has developed custom trailers with 'air-ride' suspension and adjustable mezzanine floors to reduce freight compaction. We've also introduced state-of-the-art forklifts in our depots that monitor any impacts to improve driver behaviour. We continue to invest in freight handling technology and back our service standards with a free transit warranty at no added cost to our clients.


Genuinely Customised Solutions

Everyone is different and we get that. As an organisation, we maintain higher service levels by having a manageable number of clients while maintaining the operational capacity to provide for some of the largest and most complex supply chains. 

Handling staff are trained specifically on your freight loading and unloading requirements. Time critical deliveries are personally managed by one of our experienced team members and loading inefficiencies or distribution issues are quickly resolved. Our senior Management team is dedicated to understanding your requirements, so that we can better service the nuances of your supply chain. 


Personalised Service

Providing value and a competent service defines what we offer to our clients. Your own Client Manager ensures that no issue goes unresolved, regardless of type, time or size. Our knowledgeable Client Support team is there to assist you and is only a phone call away, in case of any operational issues. Over half of our staff members have been with us for more than 10 years and understand both your needs and our commitment. 

It is our belief that an open and trusting partnership with your team delivers mutual benefit. 



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