Superior Product HandlingSuperior Product Handling

Damage to your goods can creep in as a very real and expensive hidden cost of freight distribution. As a client, your expectation is to get your items delivered safely and on time. Damaged goods however increases your total cost of doing business.

This is even greater when you consider:

> Damage to your reputation as well as customer dissatisfaction

> Time and effort required to investigate and process damage claims

> Extra warehousing costs to cover replacement items for expected damaged items

Reducing Damages

As a premium service built on 'delivering certainty', we are committed to handling your goods safely at all points from pickup through to final delivery. Part of our commitment to reducing damage to your goods is reflected in the continuous investment that we make in our technology, infrastructure and people.

Special measures that we have taken include:

  1. Use of trailers with adjustable mezzanine floors that prevents freight compaction

  2. Physical segregation of cartons from pallets during interstate travel

  3. Use of 'air-ride' suspension on all interstate trailers. AirRoad was an early adopter of this technology, giving rise to the 'Air' in AirRoad

  4. Adoption of best practices in freight handling and use of new forklifts that enable us to monitor driver behaviour

  5. Real time CCTV surveillance in all company-owned docks and loading areas.

As a business built on providing personalised service to our clients, we take the utmost care when handling your item. We also have a dedicated sensitive freight division with its own fleet of pickup and delivery trucks if that is the extra level of care that your product requires.

Our Transit Warranty

To back our confidence in being able to deliver your critical items undamaged, we provide all clients with a free, in-house transit warranty*. This is not insurance as such, however, in the unlikely event that damage does occur, you will be compensated by AirRoad directly.


*Terms and Conditions apply. Refer to Conditions of Carriage for more information.

"AirRoad has designed a system for us that means that our product is handled such that it isn't damaged and it's time efficient, maintaining complete care at all times."

- Leading multinational motorcycle manufacturer